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Monday, May 23, 2011

More on Beware False Prophets: Steve Foss

I finally realized how to turn a DVD message into an uploadable message. Though the message I am going to post as an expose of Steve Foss was too long to post to Youtube or Blogger, I managed to post it in Xanga:

Please note what Steve Foss actually says at 19:39, about 2/3 of the way through the clip ("nf" in "sinful") vs. 21:49 ("mp" in "implies") and 22:32 ("mp" in "imply"). Steve Foss actually said, "Jesus lived a sinful life" (not a "simple life"). That's a pretty serious error (either a verbal slip, or worse). When I emailed him and his staff about this error, they ignored my email. When I confronted them in person about it, on June 20, 2008, they blamed the Holy Spirit, saying, "When someone is under such a powerful anointing, they lose control of themselves and sometimes make mistakes." If Jesus lived a sinful life, there is no hope of salvation. If the Holy Spirit inspires us to make mistakes, we can't believe the Bible as the Word of God because the Bible was written by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Jesus lived a completely sinless life; and the Holy Spirit never makes mistakes nor causes anyone else to make mistakes. Steve Foss and his ministry do not deserve my support. If you take the Bible seriously, they don't deserve your support either. A humble prophet of God would not make false statements; and he and his staff would not consider blaming God for mistakes. In a series entitled, "Fear Man or Fear God," don't you think it's appropriate for the preacher and his staff to practice what they preach and genuinely show more of a fear of God than a fear of man?


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